Death By Hobgoblin

Dinner Party in Nicopolis

Third PBEM June 2009

At the behest of Lady Gerard, your party has set out as part of an attaché from the household to attend the latest arrière-ban of Count Varnjas. The arrière-ban is an official announcement summoning all of Varnjas’ vassals to his castle overlooking Nicopolis for a war council—your group is meant to convey information to Lord Gerard himself, and to find out what the matter of the council is. Basically, your party’s goals include finding answers to the above questions, but also answering whatever questions you might have. That is to say, any of you who want to elaborate your characters’ goals or backgrounds at this point might use this challenge as an opportunity to do so by interacting with some of the NPCs.

The Mechanics: Basically, this will work like the other PBEMs, except that you are limited to choosing ONE combat power. All of your other choices should be skills/feats/utility powers that would have some bearing on the social interactions in and around the council and state dinner. Moreover, instead of just giving me a list of skills, I want you to attach each skill/feat/power to a specific NPC and a specific goal you have in talking to them. Goals that address party concerns can count towards successes and failures for the purposes of the challenge; goals that address individual concerns will count towards neither successes or failures, but successful rolls will further your individual character’s knowledge and relationships with NPCs.


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