Time and Movement in Herodia

(Questions by Arb)

what season is it, currently, in the campaign world? Autumn

do they have the same 12-month calendar we use? the same conventions for the passage of time – years, months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes? Twelve Months: Jepog – April Mepog – May Danlec – June Efex – July Danex – August Ramzan – September Solarc – October Banec – November Seromen – December Teromen – January Meromen – February Eubulia – March

what is the length of a season, how many of them are there, what are they? There are various names for the four seasons (in the temperate climates, which is most of Herodia, and all of Rackham), but they all essentially correspond to our “Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter.” But note again that spring is considered the “first” season of the year, with New Years’ Day (Feast of Flowers) falling on Jepog 1)

Time and Movement in Herodia

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